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Whether you’re building a new home and selecting your landscaping details from scratch or working to boost your curb appeal with an outdoor overhaul, you may be weighing your options between a traditional lawn or native grasses. Working with experienced landscaping designers in Utah can help you thoroughly understand the pros and cons of every option.

Learn about the benefits of integrating native grasses and wildflowers in your landscaping design.

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Why Choose Native Grass and Wildflowers?

Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape's landscaping designers in Utah can help you choose plants like this that are beautiful, water-efficient, and native to the area.

Help the Environment

As more and more households join a movement to make more sustainable choices, native grasses have increased in popularity. Planting native grass and wildflowers specific to your area can help the environment in a myriad of ways.

Native grass and wildflowers help improve biodiversity. Native plants are the ones that evolved in your area, and play an important role in the ecosystems around you. From birds and insects to small mammals, many creatures rely on the presence of these native plants to survive. Traditional manicured lawns generally disrupt the food chain and harm the ecosystem overall. Planting native grass and wildflowers is beneficial to pollinators, which makes a positive impact in your community.

Cut Watering Costs

Traditional, manicured, green lawns require large amounts of water to keep healthy. Especially in drier climates, the cost of watering the lawn can add up very quickly. Opting for native grasses that are built to thrive in your environment can help save you money and benefit the environment by conserving water.

Decrease Maintenance Needs

Traditional lawns require frequent mowing and maintenance to appear manicured and prevent weeds and overgrowth from looking messy and unruly. The amount of time and investment this requires can be difficult for families to keep up with. In many cases, keeping the lawn weed-free may involve the use of pesticides, which can be harmful to the environment and pose health risks for your family and pets.

On the other hand, native grasses and wildflowers can thrive without much help since they evolved to grow in your area. Selecting native plants can save you substantial time and money in the long run.

Selecting the Best Landscaping Designers in Utah

Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape provided the landscape design services for this yard full of beautiful native grasses and flowers.

Installing the right plants for your climate and needs requires a deep knowledge of local ecology and longstanding expertise in the landscaping field. Working with a team of experts like Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape can help ensure you select the right native plants for Utah and your stylistic goals. On top of helping the environment and cutting down on time and money requirements, you also want your home’s exterior to look beautiful! Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape can help you design and install the best selection of native grasses and wildflowers for your area.

When you work with expert landscaping designers in Utah, you can create the look and feel you’re dreaming of for your outdoor space while also protecting and preserving the environment. Save water, help the bees and save yourself time and costs by opting for a yard full of beautiful wildflowers and native grasses.

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