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Discovering a leaky sprinkler or a break is frustrating. Not only is it inconvenient and a headache on your to-do list, but letting an issue go unrepaired can cause big problems.

Leaks and breaks can lead to wasted water, high utility bills, interference with other utility lines, and even sinkholes and underground cavities if left unresolved. These aren’t issues any homeowner wants to deal with, so getting sprinkler leak repair done quickly is essential.

Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape is the sprinkler company you need. With more than two decades of experience and our guaranteed results, you can rest easy knowing your repairs are in good hands.

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How Do You Find a Leak in Your Sprinkler System?

A lovely lawn and landscape thanks to sprinkler leak repair with Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape.

Sometimes, the issues is apparent. Other times, you may need to look for more subtle indications that something is off. Your sprinkler system is a large investment and a vital part of keeping your lawn healthy. If it’s leaking, you could be losing a lot of money and sacrificing the overall health of your yard.

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs your sprinkler system may need a repair:

  • Exorbitant water bills. Notice an unexpectedly high uptick in your water bill? If your system is working smoothly, it’s fairly predictable what your water usage will be. If you see an unusually high dollar amount in your next bill, it could be a red flag that you’ve got a leak. Check all your water sources — toilets, washer and dishwasher, sprinklers — regularly to see if you notice a leak.
  • Wet spots. While wet grass after a watering is expected, marshy, soggy or flooded spots are not. These are all signs an area is getting too much water and could be the location of a leak or break.
  • Low water pressure. A significant drop in water pressure, spotty coverage or strange patterning may indicate a leak. There may be other issues causing the drop, which a thorough inspection can pinpoint and resolve.

Can Sprinklers Leak When Off?

A sprinkler in a beautifully green lawn thanks to Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape.

Yes, a sprinkler system can leak even when it’s supposed to be off! Though this shouldn’t be happening, there are usually two main reasons your system seems to run even when off.

Improper grading is one issue that can cause your sprinklers to run during the off hours. When the grading is off and one head is placed deeper than others, water can run to this lower head and start leaking out the top.

Another potential cause is that you have a leak. A leak could be in the sprinkler head (one or multiple), or in the actual line if there are cracks or holes.

Both of these potential causes are repairable by an experienced professional. If you suspect your sprinklers are running or leaking when they’re not supposed to, call a professional to come and examine the line for any issues.

Best Sprinkler Repair

A Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape professional fixing a sprinkler leak.

A leaking or broken sprinkler can wreak havoc on your watering system and property. Resolving these issues quickly and properly is essential to saving your lawn — and water bill. Attempting to solve a sprinkler issue yourself can turn into a big hassle. Using experienced technicians for your sprinklers will get things up and running smoothly and correctly.

Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape is the expert you need. With our guaranteed results and expert technicians, homeowners can rest easy knowing their sprinkler system is in good hands.

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