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6 Native Plants to Add to Your Landscaping in Utah

Posted on Sep 14th 2023


6 Native Plants to Add to Your Landscaping in Utah

When it comes to landscaping your yard, there are hundreds of thousands of plants to choose from. But cultivating native plants — plants that have grown naturally in a region for thousands of years — provides a variety of benefits for not only your yard but also for the surrounding ecosystem.

For starters, maintaining native plants is less work. Plants thrive in their native environment, requiring less fertilizer, pesticide, and water to grow well. They’re also easier to find in stock locally, saving you time when it comes to shopping for plants.

Native plants improve the local ecosystem for the same reasons they’re easier to maintain. In addition to using less much-needed water, they provide nutrients and habitats for native animals and insects. Using native plants also contributes to local biodiversity.

Although sticking to native plants might narrow your search, there are still about 3,200 native plants to choose from in Utah. If you need ideas for incorporating native plants into your landscaping, you may take a trip to water-conservation demonstration gardens around the state. Or, skip the trip and just call Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape! As a Utah Water Savers Approved company, we have the expertise you need for wildflower landscaping in Utah.

Native Utah Plants to Consider:

Utah Agave

This plant is a perennial evergreen that tolerates low temperatures well compared to other similar plants. It needs only occasional watering once it has taken root and grows well in rocky soil. The Utah agave requires full sun, so plant it away from shade-giving tress.


Pollinators are attracted to this perennial wildflower that can grow up to nine feet tall. Fireweed helps damaged ecosystems to recover. This wildflower is sometimes described fireweed as “aggressive”, spreading thanks to its stubborn underground stems.

Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape wildflower landscaping in Utah using fireweed.

Rocky Mountain Juniper

This native evergreen tree is very drought-resistant and low maintenance, and can be used to provide privacy in landscaping. The rocky mountain juniper requires dry soil and part shade.

Sego Lily

Utah’s state flower is a perennial that produces white, pink, purple, and yellow blooms in May through August. It grows well in dry, sandy soil. Early Utah settlers once ate the plant in times of need.

A manzanita shrub - contact Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape for wildflower landscaping in Utah


This evergreen shrub thrives in sandy soil with full sun to part shade, making it very drought tolerant. Manzanita flowers look similar to heather; the two plants are part of the same family.

Mormon Tea

Another evergreen shrub, Mormon tea requires little pruning or water. It grows naturally in desert habitats with dry and rocky soil.

These are just a few of the native plants you can add to your landscaping to help conserve water and make your life easier. If you’re looking for wildflower landscaping in Utah, call Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape today!