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Steven Jensen
Hot shot folks were awesome to work with. Our sprinkler system had become more worrisome over the years and we needed professional help. Some ground cover that was being overrun with weeds also an issue. Parker came over and shared his vision and expertise. Some bumps in the road as things progress and the job got bigger than anticipated but all was handled with honesty and professionalism. Katrina keeps communication going from the office every step of the way, Parker was on site often to supervise the work and explain the plan and Diego did some serious heavy lifting as did a slew of others. Fairly big job done quickly. Can't thank and recommend HOT Shot enough
Carl Baldini
Hot Shots is excellent. They were flexible in arranging appointments, and the arrived on time. They quickly found the issue and repair was completed. Will continue to use them.
Andie Haslam
Hot shot made landscaping such an easy project. They took care of everything and communicated well throughout the whole length of the project.
We have used them multiple time with nothing but Outstanding results!!!! Prompt quality and customer service scarcely start the list. Not the cheapest cost but DEFINITELY has saved us and outperformed every single time!!!! We have deleted every contact we previously had as we need no other number.
Katrina Jensen
Hot shot ticked every box when it came to working with any company. They were extremely professional, from the office to the field. They were extremely knowledgeable when it comes to their field of work. They are EFFICIENT! They were able to fix our sprinkler issue in a very short amount of time, and it wasn't just done quickly it was done correctly. From landscape to sprinkler repair they are the only company we will use from here on out!!
Alicia Graham
Hot Shot is the best!
Teri Ann Cooper
Always dependable and they know what they are doing! They are quick and efficient and get the job done!
David Fillmore
We had a valve in a buried valve box break and I couldn’t figure out how to possibly fix it myself because there were four valves all together. A Hot Shot guy came out and fixed and updated the whole thing in less than an hour after I had fussed with it for a half day! He knew right what to do and it was WELL WORTH THE PRICE!! I’ll call them first next time!! David P F
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