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Amy Baker
Parker and his crew have been so helpful to us over the years. They always take great care of us, are quick and efficient, they really know their stuff- even pumps and the landscape work they do is stunning!
Joshua Christensen
They did our sprinkler and landscape job and it turned out awesome!! They were professional and went over the top. We will definitely use them again for any future needs
Daniel Foerster
Parker and his crew did an excellent job on cleaning up and fixing a lot of my landscape. The previous guy buried 3 of my sprinkler valves under the lawn, did not put in a back flow preventer, had down spouts duct taped and improperly installed. Parker was great to come out, explain everything to me, do multiple walkthroughs and teach me how to better care for my yard. Thanks a million
Jen Prince
Thanks for your business. Enjoyed working with your crew, they did an amazing job! I wish your business the best of luck as you branch off here in the valley. - Toby with KJR Concrete Pumping
Christopher Hayes
They keep their promises on quality and professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend them for all of your landscaping needs.
Jesse Clark
I cannot recommend Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape highly enough. Parker and his team of professionals, which includes Abel and Eduardo, have years of experience. They like their work, and the results reflect this. This company excels in every aspect, from customer service to product quality.
Bryan T.
They provide exceptional customer service and deliver high-quality results. I'm a happy and satisfied customer!
Richard Barnes
Because of sand from our well, a number of sprinkler valves would not shut off. He was incredible. Very competent, easy to communicate to, and provided excellent work for a reasonable fee. Definitely recommended.
Austin Houston
Their expertise, quality, and pricing are unrivaled.
Austin Crawford
Highly interested in next.
Angaj Sharma
Abel, the lead technician, performed an outstanding job repairing my sprinklers. Pricing was also reasonable.
Bill Hogan
They did a fantastic job.
Rebecca Rodriguez
Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape, LLC provided excellent service. Crews are fantastic.
Timotea Pirozzi
I cannot speak highly enough of Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape. Parker and his crew, which includes Abel and Eduardo, are true experts with years of expertise. They take delight in their work, and the outcomes reflect this. This organization succeeds in every element, from customer service to product quality.
Waane Parnel
Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair & Landscape is unrivaled in the industry! Parker Jr., the scheduling manager, made it simple to schedule an appointment. Diego, the primary technician, was knowledgable and pleasant, making the entire experience stress-free. They give excellent customer service and produce high-quality results. I'm a delighted and satisfied customer!
Robert Stutts
I highly recommend Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair and will definitely contact Eduardo again if I require additional services.
Brian Fletcher
What a fantastic company. My sprinkler system was ten years old and constantly ran on the drip lines. A line also broke beneath the ground, creating a nice hole. I was expecting to be told that a complete replacement was required, but they were fantastic and explained the issues in detail; it only cost $200 and my system is now running perfectly. Just replaced some valves and the line was fixed. I would recommend this business to anyone. They were honest and fair!!!
Francis J. Chapman
Parker's company did an excellent job for us. We had our drip system repaired, it had never worked right due to the company that installed it. Everything was done just as he had said and very happy with the crew. They were all very professional and very neat with the work they did.
Kenneth Isaacson
Business is very responsive to inquiries and able to come out to take care of my broken sprinkler head quickly and at a reasonable price. Definitely recommend.
Robert E. Barton
I called Hot Shot Sprinkler Repair company technician because my sprinkler wires were in the wrong place. He did an awesome job guiding me through how to put them in the right spot over the phone! He always answered the phone right away and he showed genuine interest in trying to help me. I would recommend HS Sprinkler Repair to anyone with an issue with their sprinkler.
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